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meaningful conversations from the heart of your creative spark...

join us as we explore the thought provoking themes surrounding creativemornings cleveland's monthly breakfast lecture series. excerpts of the lecture are book ended by meaningful conversations with attendees and speakers alike.

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identity ft. daniel ortiz

| s:1 e:27

what is identity? is it who we are? is it who others see us to be? does our identity define us or do we define it? so much is wrapped up in this one word. in this episode, we’ll try to unpack it just a bit.

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invest ft. adam kaufman

wake up call | s:1 e:26
it’s not about money. it’s not about time. investing is all about belief and value....
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roots ft. patricia princehouse

wake up call | s:1 e:25
patricia princehouse's lecture at cmcle guides the direction of this episode, as we take a look at our own roots....
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silence ft. william morgan

wake up call | s:1 e:24
silence is hard to find. silence can be comforting or uncomfortable. we’ll explore some of these ideas in this episode of wake up call....
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lost ft. douglas trattner

wake up call | s:1 e:23
our theme this episode is, “lost.” jj lendl, kahrin spear, and our featured guest, douglas trattner, join david allen moss in conversations to exp...
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thought provoking and inspiring, this show is centered around themes such as: anxiety, curiosity, courage, intention, commitment and many more. join us as we seek to uncover both unique and universal perspectives through these conversations.

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podcasts for moms this mother's day


here is a curated list of 2022年世预赛非洲区直播 that highlight the role that mothers play in our lives while also aiding in tips and advice for parents.

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the team

david allen moss

cco of evergreen, david is an award-winning creator, design entrepreneur, and musician passionately serving several non-profit arts and industry boards.

dave douglas

dave is an established audio professional with a diverse set of skills and experience. he also works as a composer, studio musician and live audio engineer.