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“why” is the question of our age.

it determines how we see ourselves, what we do and how we do it. we live in a world with abundant resources, choices, and options, a world filled with technology that your parents all but think is magic, and any fact, song, show or movie, article, book or idea at our beck and call within seconds. if you can do anything, what you choose to do isn’t based on basic constraints, but on why you want to do something.

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quality, not quantity

what makes employer branding unique in the marketing and branding space....
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they aren’t your employees. they are volunteers.

talent chooses you audiobook...
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what does employer brand want?

what is all this for? what are we driving towards?...
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thinking with real data: the lost interviews #4 - andrew gadomski

with andrew gadomski...
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ellis is bringing the future of effective talent acquisition to you

it’s a recipe for talent acquisition success: take two parts marketing and branding experience, one part recruiting and talent acquisition thought leadership. add a dash of fearlessness and a willingness to breaking unwritten rules. shake well and serve in the funniest container you can find.

james ellis isn’t your average speaker. he brings wit, energy and humor to subjects you might expect to be dry. he combines years of experience helping everyone from fortune 10 companies to 12-person agencies understand their own employer brands, activate them, and connect them to their investment in recruitment marketing. then he makes it interesting and funny while still being valuable and actionable.

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