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effective storytelling is a crucial part of hiring, flowing through recruitment marketing, employer branding, assessment and onboarding but does your organisation have a strategy that sits behind it? knowing what kind of stories to tell and how and where to tell them is something that brings a considerable competitive advantage. so how can we all get better at telling our stories compellingly and effectively?

my go-to storytelling expert is journalist, writer and tech entrepreneur shane snow. i'm delighted to welcome him back to the show to do a deep dive into storytelling strategy. in a world of challenging talent markets and virtual hiring processes, this interview is a must listen for everyone.

in the interview, we discuss:

  • why business storytelling is important and what it can achieve

  • the four elements of a great story

  • storytelling in employer branding and recruiting

  • the three different types of business story

  • why should people care?

  • how and where do you tell a story?

  • weaving storytelling into every piece of communication •

a full transcript will appear here shortly.

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