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back in 2020, there was an acknowledgement that talent acquisition had changed forever but a sense that things would eventually stabilise into a new normal. two and half years later, it is clear that the only new normal is continual long-term disruption, change and uncertainty.

so what should ta leaders focus on to give their organisations the best chance of maintaining a competitive talent advantage in these challenging times?

my guest this week is hayli thornhill, head of recruiting at brighthire. hayli is an experienced ta leader with experience in both start-ups and large corporates. she has some insightful advice on dealing with disruption and preparing for an uncertain future.

in the interview, we discuss:

  • long term disruption and uncertainty

  • intelligent interview and evidence based hiring

  • what should ta leaders be focusing on

  • efficiency and quality

  • auditing tech stacks

  • modernising interviewer training

  • improving the hiring process

  • five non-negotiables to focus on

  • providing a brilliant candidate experience

  • looking to the future

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matt alder is a strategic consultant, and globally recognised talent acquisition thought leader focusing on all aspects of hr technology, recruitment marketing and employer branding.