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we created our channel of sports podcasts for fans who are tired of mindless sports talk on the radio and endless “hot takes” by sports commentators. check out our sports shows for in-depth analysis, compelling stories and deep dives into the sports you love . . .

press box access

sit down with todd jones and other sportswriters who knew the greatest athletes and coaches, and experienced some of the biggest sports moments ever.
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pit pass moto

pit pass moto entertains, educates, and informs motorcyclists and racing enthusiasts around the world about what is happening in the motorcycle racing world.
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pit pass indy

bruce martin gives fans an inside look at the world of the ntt indycar series, featuring interviews with the biggest names in the sport.
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west coast gamblers

welcome to the west coast's premier sports gambling podcast! join drue, dangles, and tony as they compete against the bookie as well as each other.
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pit lane parley

your inside look to the fastest pit lane in motorsports.
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waiting for next year

providing fans with unique perspectives and insights, news briefs, recaps and previews as well as entertaining pop culture discussions.
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the nail in the coffin

an award-winning cleveland sports podcast covering the cavaliers, browns, indians, buckeyes, sports media and pop culture.
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blood time

host peter cimoroni and his guests talk about the bonds and emotions between the coach and the athlete at the interscholastic and intercollegiate level.
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