sleepover cinema

films that formed the tween collective unconscious of the y2k era

welcome to sleepover cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

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legally blonde 2: red, white and blonde

| s:5 e:10

legally blonde 2: red, white and blonde

it turns out that all we need to unite our vicious two-party political system is gay dogs on both sides of the aisle. a movie stuffed with character regression, half-baked love for america, and gratuitous pink hair light… is it still worth watching? was it ever? we dissect together.

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500 days of summer

sleepover cinema | s:5 e:8
dust off your cruiser bike and your urban outfitters record player… we’re going back to 2009 with “500 days of summer.”...
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bring it on: all or nothing ft. @theafternoonspecial

sleepover cinema | s:5 e:7
a usual suspect of any abc family weekend lineup, “bring it on: all or nothing” is infamous, and not just for its haunting krumping scene....
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switching goals

sleepover cinema | s:5 e:6
we’re busting out the sam’s club mary-kate and ashley dvd trio value pack again to talk about 1999’s “switching goals!” watch the video version ...
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alice in wonderland ft. tina majorino

sleepover cinema
there’s a pretty high chance your memories of this movie feel more like half-recollected (and eerie!) childhood dreams… and for good reason....
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check out these amazing photos from sleepover cinema's live podcast event in arizona as part of she podcasts earlier this month.

photos by margarita corporan

the team

hannah leach

host & producer
a graduate of nyu tisch dramatic writing in 2017, hannah is an audio producer, musician, educator, and writer based in cleveland, ohio. she is the older sister (and a leo).

audrey leach

a graduate of nyu tisch film & tv in 2019, audrey is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in nyc. she is the younger sister (and a cancer).

sean rule-hoffman

audio engineer
sean hails from orange village, ohio. he earned a degree in music technology with a minor in electronic media and film from capital university in columbus, ohio.