rebuilding america

a national service podcast

host ken harbaugh sits down with policy makers, military leaders, academics, and changemakers for inspiring conversations about national service and what it will take to move our country forward.

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bonus live episode: hooah award panel w/ mike washington and becky margiotta

the regular series of rebuilding america is over, but last month ken was honored with the hooah award from the national conference on citizenship. to celebrate this award, ncoc recorded a live veteran’s day panel conversation between ken and two past winners of the hooah award - mike washington and becky margiotta.

the george a. smith hooah award is presented annually to a veteran who defines citizenship through service.

becky margiotta is an army veteran and principal and owner at the billions institute, helping teach and support foundations and non-profit executives leading large-scale social change initiatives.

mike washington is a retired marine corps master sgt and seattle firefighter who works to combat ptsd among veterans and first responders.


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episode 10: the future of service

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:10
in the final regular episode of rebuilding america, ken looks to the future, speaking with barbara stewart, ceo of americorps, and eric garcetti, ...
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episode 9: a breakthrough on capitol hill?

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:9
ken talks to two legislators who have made service a major part of their platform - senator tammy duckworth from illinois and congressman don baco...
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episode 8: service abroad is service to the nation

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:8
ken talks to carrie hessler-radelet, the 19th director of the peace corps, about service abroad and whether it is also service to the united state...
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episode 7: repairing broken trust

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:7
ken talks to francis fukuyama and dave isay about identity, tribalism, and how to heal the broken trust in america....
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more about new politics

new politics revitalizes american democracy by recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self.

they support outstanding military veterans and national service leaders, alumni of programs like americorps and the peace corps, to step up and serve our country again, this time through politics. they were proud to be behind the movement of veterans who ran for office for the first time in 2018, and we have big plans to grow into the future

please visit the official new politics website for more information.

the team

ken harbaugh

a former us navy pilot & past president of team rubicon global; served as a commentator for npr; a host on crooked media; & a contributor to the ny times & the atlantic.

isabel robertson

producer, writer, & researcher based in cle. she's worked on storycorps, wait, wait...don't tell me, and the intercept. she serves on the aclu-oh board of directors.

león pescador

associate producer
león is a producer from ann arbor, michigan. he graduated from oberlin college in 2018 and is passionate about service, storytelling, and history.

sean rule-hoffman

sean hails from orange village, oh. he earned a degree in music technology with a minor in electronic media and film from capital university in columbus, oh.