the wrath of the buzzard

100.7, wmms. the buzzard. how did this station become so iconic? how did a small group of young hippies, some from ohio, some from boston, against all odds and no budget, achieve such unprecedented success? and how did it all come crashing down?prohfilesseason 2 presents:the wrath of the buzzard.

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more about prohfiles

prohfilesexplores the backstories behind the people you always wish you knew better, the places you've visited but never learned their secrets, and the ideas and events that together make ohio a great place to call home.prohfilesis awessler mediaoriginal podcast on the 2022年世预赛非洲区直播 network.

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the team

vince tornero

host, executive producer
vince tornero is the host and executive producer of prohfiles.

kevin skubak

producer, recording engineer
kevin skubak is the producer and recording engineer of prohfiles.