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music is in our dna. at evergreen, our roster is packed with professional musicians and music lovers. now, we've partnered with sound talent media to feature a collection of over 25 music and lifestyle shows worth cranking up!

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music podcasts

dial into a slate of signature podcasts that deliver a behind the boards listen into the music industry. music shows like the punk rock mba, axe to grind podcast, chris demakes a podcast, the ex-man with doc coyle, and many more, will take you on the road, beyond the lighted stage and into the hearts and minds of some of the best music masters in the business.

the punk rock mba

finn mckenty interviews people who are making a living doing something they love: from musicians to filmmakers, designers, visual artists, engineers, athletes, business owners, writers.
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chris demakes a podcast

chris demakes of less than jake discusses the ins and outs of songwriting with a variety of guests from the world of music.
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axe to grind podcast

thee hardcore podcast, hosted by tom, bob, and patrick.
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the ex-man with doc coyle

bad wolves and ex-god forbid guitar player doc coyle talks to professionals in the music world and other creative industries.
listen to the ex-man with doc coyle

the peer pleasure podcast

the peer pleasure podcast strives to bring the listener into a conversation that breaks down artists and creatives to their true and basic form.
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honest af show

join daniella clarke & barbaranne wylde, rock wives and beauty icons, for an honest af conversation on life, love and (not) aging gracefully.
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the tone mob podcast

blake wyland takes a deep dive with his guests from the guitar world to discuss guitars, pedals, amps, and a whole lot more.
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that one time on tour

hosted by chris swinney, formerly of the ataris, that one time on tour brings you stellar conversations with a "who's who" of the punk/hardcore/metal/emo scene.
listen to that one time on tour

vox&hops metal podcast

matt mcgachy, the vocalist of extreme metal band cryptopsy, interviews fellow metal musicians about their life & music while sharing a craft beer on his metal podcast vox&hops.
listen to vox&hops metal podcast

3am scary stories

we tell first and second hand stories in a non-dramatized setting. 3am is the telling of supernatural occurrences and exploration of the unknown hosted by charles hatch, deejay pasikala, & sean gassaway.
listen to 3am scary stories

one hit thunder

each week chris fafalios (punchline) and matt kelly (geekscape) sit down with a guest to breakdown and analyze a one hit wonder and determine if they’re a one hit thunder or a one hit blunder.
listen to one hit thunder

overnight drive

a comedy podcast about two men speeding across america's soul on the overnight drive of existence.
listen to overnight drive

get tucked!

ryan "tuck" o'leary of fit for a king takes you on a metalcore journey you won't forget.
listen to get tucked!

the smokin word podcast

hoya roc from madball interviews the realest, by the realest about the hardcore underground lifestyle. tune in for interviews and crazy stories from all the hardcore legends.
listen to the smokin word podcast

the vanflip podcast

the vanflip podcast is a relaxed and in-depth conversation into the minds of some of the biggest names in the metal, metalcore, hardcore, and entertainment industry.
listen to the vanflip podcast

the musicians guild with steve choi

join steve choi for wide-ranging conversations as every episode hopes to be an expedition into the experiences, feelings, and processes of musicians.
listen to the musicians guild with steve choi


so, you had big plans for this year, huh? well my friend, you got 2020'd! fortunately for you, so did everyone else including benny, siobhán, and cory from the band lost symphony.
listen to 2020'd

making waves, the shiprocked podcast

talking everything live music with promoters, bands, musicians, and producers. only the best of the best, serving our shiprocked community with two goals; to rock hard and vacation harder.
listen to making waves, the shiprocked podcast

fly on the call

fly on the call is a weekly interview-based podcast hosted by scott fugger discussing music and lyrics, ethos, and the successes and challenges of being in a band.
listen to fly on the call

drinks with johnny

johnny christ from avenged sevenfold shares cocktails and conversation with guests.
listen to drinks with johnny

the freek show podcast with twiztid

tune in where the guys sit down with friends to discuss hot topics within pop culture, never heard before tour stories, and revisiting old but familiar skits from the popular “purple show”.
listen to the freek show podcast with twiztid

dan o says so

your place for big words, bigger brains, and a lot of long term memory loss.
listen to dan o says so

control your narrative weekly

control your narrative weekly is an intimate insight into the harsh reality of the narrative.
listen to control your narrative weekly

delirious nomads

the delirious nomads podcast features celebrity chef chris santos of chopped and underground metal connoisseur matt bacon talking about all things heavy metal.
listen to delirious nomads

diablo's den

hosted by danny diablo aka lord ezec and jay reason, diablo's den covers underground music and subculture.
listen to diablo's den

future friday

tom may of the menzingers records conversations and stories with friends and strangers at home and on the road.
listen to future friday

prada pod

hosted by mike hranica, jeremy depoyster, and kyle sipress: prada pod is meant to give fans a candid, less serious look at the behind the scenes happenings of longtime metalcore band the devil wears prada.
listen to prada pod

worst possible timeline

your hosts pat kindlon and eric wilson look at the twitter timeline once a week and comment on the state of the world, getting you up to date on current events.
listen to worst possible timeline

none but the brave

a comprehensive look at the music and career of bruce springsteen. hosted by film producer hal schwartz and backstreets magazine contributor flynn mclean.
listen to none but the brave

how music can save your life

brendan slocumb, musician, educator, and author of the upcoming novel the violin conspiracy is here to tell you how music can save your life— it certainly saved his.
listen to how music can save your life

roots of american music

roam examines our shared american experience from a variety of perspectives and tells captivating stories with a focus on live performance.
listen to roots of american music

riffs on riffs

hosts joe watson and toby brazwell take a hard look at legendary tracks of the past and present, connecting the dots on the music they sample and the songs that inspired them. join us for season 3, where riffs takes a deep dive into the tragic world of 24-carat black, the band everyone has heard, but nobody has heard of.
listen to riffs on riffs

heard that song

jazz musicians listen to and compare different renditions of a piece from the great american songbook. hosted by joe hunter.
listen to heard that song