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stories of america's greatest heroes

ken harbaugh tells the stories of service members who have distinguished themselves through an act of valor. these stories feature recipients from the civil war to present day, including a few who were originally overlooked for the medal.

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harold gonsalves

| s:1 e:17

harold gonsalves sacrificed his own life for the sake of his fellow marines and their mission at the battle of okinawa. he was the only latino marine to earn the medal of honor during world war ii.

learn more about pfc gonsalves here:

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tibor rubin

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:16
holocaust-survivor tibor rubin received the medal of honor for his incredible resilience as a prisoner of war in korea....
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joseph de castro

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:15
joseph de castro was the first latino to receive the medal of honor for his role in the battle of gettysburg....
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george sakato

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:14
george sakato's courageous solo charge up a german-held hill during world war ii inspired his platoon to follow and capture more than 30 enemy sol...
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rerun: john chapman

2022年世预赛非洲区直播 | s:1 e:13.5
john chapman, the first airman since vietnam to be awarded the medal, earned his medal of honor during operation anaconda in afghanistan....
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in partnership with the national medal of honor museum

the museum offers an experience that draws personal and emotional connections to medal of honor recipients and their stories, while shedding light on the wars in which they fought and the ideals that the medal of honor represents. visitors come to understand the meaning and price of freedom—and appreciate the virtue of putting service above self.

the national medal of honor museum also includes an education center aimed at character development in our nation’s youth. a critical part of their mission is to use the stories of our medal of honor recipients to inspire young people, and motivate them to be their best selves.

for more information please visit their website.

the team

ken harbaugh

the host
a former us navy pilot & past president of team rubicon global; served as a commentator for npr; a host on crooked media; & a contributor to the ny times & the atlantic.

isabel robertson

producer, writer, & researcher based in cle. she's worked on storycorps, wait, wait...don't tell me, and the intercept. she serves on the aclu-oh board of directors.

sean rule-hoffman

engineer/sound designer
sean hails from orange village, oh. he earned a degree in music technology with a minor in electronic media and film from capital university in columbus, oh.