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game fix is full of video game reviews, news, comedy, and interviews of people actually in the gaming industry. watch the taping of the podcast live every monday night at 9:00p et on

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turns out its ok to like nerdy things and deodorant...we'll explain. also new york sues bobby kotick, fortnite back on iphone, moonknight, and activision blames world war 2, seriously. all that plus more this week on the game fix show.

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mercy from overwatch joins the show

lucie pohl, mercy, overwatch, activision blizzard, free games, moon knight...
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twitter, ubisoft, & fromsoftware let's talk business

nintendo in hot water, diablo immortal, new star wars game, tmnt update, sonic origins, moon knight...
listen to twitter, ubisoft, & fromsoftware let's talk business

portal 3 is happening, right?

wow expansion, diablo 2, overwatch 2, aew game, portal 3, horizon 3, moon knight...
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activision blizzard does good

games with gold, sega nfts, unreal engine 5, activision blizzard, reggie audio book, moonknight...
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