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a financial news talk show addressing the events of the week on wall street and forecasting what investors should expect in the immediate future. hosted by veronica dudo with permanent panelists, tobin smith & todd m. schoenberger, joined by a rotation of guest panelists.

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welcome to bhs-live! your source for rapid-fire wall street knowledge and valuable guidance, hosted by traders tobin smith and todd m. schoenberger.

on the friday, august 5th episode, the traders discuss the market action on wall street and debate the july jobs report. it's a must-hear for any investor and wall street aficionado.

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bhs-live - tuesday, july 26th episode

on the tuesday, july 26th episode, the traders discuss the market action on wall street and discussed wal-mart's revenue warning; earnings from co...
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bhs-live - monday, july 25th episode

on the monday, july 25th episode, the traders discuss the market action on wall street and give a preview of tuesday's earnings releases and macro...
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bhs-live - friday, july 22nd episode

on the friday, july 22nd episode, the traders discuss the current state of the stockmarket and settle the debate of whether the u.s. economy is in...
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june 24th episode with fernando valle, justin k. wine, and nicole middendorf

on this week's show, we are joined by justin wine of aspen wealth management, nicole middendorf of prosperwell financial and fernando valle from b...
listen to june 24th episode with fernando valle, justin k. wine, and nicole middendorf

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the team

veronica dudo

as the face and voice of some of the top-rated media companies in the world including nbc news; cbs news; crosscheck media; aol, the hill; me-tv; and ticker news--veronica is lauded as an emmy® award nominated journalist, global communications expert and international relations consultant.

todd m. schoenberger

the seasoned wall street executive and media contributor for bloomberg, cnbc, cnn, fox news, fox business and others, has had career stops with t. rowe price, merrill lynch, usaa and landcolt capital lp. todd currently serves as chief investment officer for family office, crosscheck management llc, and executive producer for all programs developed by crosscheck media.

tobin smith

although he may be best known for his 14 years on the fox news network and fox business network as a market analyst and anchor, tobin smith is most valued as an investment newsletter publisher and editor who has created, published and edited some of the most successful investment newsletters of all-time.