wwii fighter ace bud anderson, in his own words

wwii fighter ace bud anderson, in his own words

author: ken harbaugh

published date: june 24, 2022

(2022年世预赛非洲区直播 ) - warriors in their own words, hosted by former us navy pilot ken harbaugh, features first-hand stories from those who have defended this nation.

in this episode, col. clarence (bud) emil anderson, the highest-scoring living american fighter ace, describes how the p-51 mustang came to be, the differences between allied and enemy aircraft, and an intense dogfight he had during a large-scale bombing mission near ludwigshafen, germany.

in 2008, col. anderson was inducted into the national aviation hall of fame, and in 2013, into the international air & space hall of fame.

stay tuned for part two of warriors in their own words, where col. anderson talks about aerial combat over enemy territory.

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