blockchain and booze

taking the mystery out of blockchain and crypto

a fun and relaxed weekly digital meetup hosted by blockchain venture studio draper goren holm & la blockchain summit. each week we cover a different topic and invite thought leaders in the subject matter for an open discussion while, of course, having a few drinks.

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@alongoren chatting with mike evans, jonathan dorfman, matthew carroll and pietro moran about the impact of web3/nfts on non-profits!

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more about blockchain and booze

to make the most out of quarantine, we invite you to a fun get together online every tuesday from 5 pm to 7 pm pst for our blockchain & booze virtual meetup & show. during these sessions, we host a round table discussion over a particular topic with some of the most interesting and accomplished individuals in the blockchain industry – oh, and did we mention that we all virtually drink?

the format consists of a one-hour panel discussion followed by one hour of networking. in light of this interesting time in all of our lives, there still might be some light at the end of the tunnel as we remember that it was rapunzel who met her husband while quarantining – so who knows what will happen every tuesday over drinks.

for more information and to register, please visit their official website.

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the team

adam levy

operations manager, draper goren holm